Frequently Asked Questions
What can I do with AppWeaver?
AppWeaver enables you to create a wide range of applications, from simple utility apps to complex data-driven software. Whether you're looking to develop a personal task manager or a survey soliciting user feedback, AppWeaver is equipped to bring your ideas to life. Our intuitive AI chat interface guides you through the development process. With built-in app publishing, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your app right from our platform.
How do I create an app?
Once you create an account, go to the Build page to use the chat interface. You can describe the app you want to build and provide commands to refine and customize as you see fit. AppWeaver will then update the app and you can see a live, interactive preview of the app. You can interact and test the app as you build it to check it does what you want. The app also provides suggestions to guide you through the development process.
How do I publish my app?
Once you're ready to publish your app, click the deploy button in the command bar. This begins the deployment process and once complete, your app will be available at the link provided in the chat. You can then go to the site and use your app! Whenever you update the app in AppWeaver, you can publish it again to see the changes reflected in the published version. Please keep in mind your app can be accessed by anyone who has the link.
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